At UnifyNow.ai, our passion lies in creating digital solutions that harness the capabilities of AI-powered Computer Vision Technologies. Since 2024, we have committed ourselves to developing a comprehensive platform, providing automated visual inspection services. With an end-to-end solution encompassing Training, Testing, and Analytics of Visual Data, our aim is to transform decision-making processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Our Story

The story of UnifyNow.ai is a narrative of innovation and a response to the evolving needs of the technological landscape. It all began when our visionary founder, Shiva Kumar, recognized a significant gap in the AI sector during a technology conference. Witnessing disparate AI solutions, he envisioned a unified platform that could seamlessly integrate various AI capabilities, particularly focusing on Computer Vision Technologies.

In 2024, joining hands with DTC Infotech, he took the bold step of building UnifyNow.ai, with a mission to empower enterprises with a comprehensive toolkit for training, testing, and analyzing visual data. The journey was marked by tireless dedication, overcoming challenges, and fine-tuning the platform to perfection. UnifyNow.ai emerged not just as a solution provider but as a symbol of collaboration, innovation, and the belief that a unified AI platform could redefine the future of technology. Today, UnifyNow.ai stands as a testament to the vision that drove its inception, transforming how businesses approach decision-making in the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence.

At UnifyNow.ai, we are driven by a clear mission: to empower enterprises with cutting-edge digital solutions, harnessing the power of AI-driven Computer Vision models. Our commitment to continuous innovation, transparency, and a user-centric design philosophy underpins our dedication to enabling users to achieve unparalleled success in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence.

Our Mission

What Sets Us Apart

At UnifyNow.ai, we take pride in developing solutions accessible to everyone. Whether it's simplifying the training of AI datasets or bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms, we provide our users with a best-in-class experience of cutting-edge technologies.