Harness the capabilities of computer vision to maintain consistent, reliable, and optimized processes, enhancing product life cycle management!

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Product Intelligence

Make your Processes Efficient and Compliant

Product intelligence with computer vision optimizes quality control, identifies defects, enables visual search, and personalizes recommendations. This enhances processes, ensuring consistent, reliable, and optimized product life cycle management.

Computer vision automates precise product counting, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. From inventory management to retail operations, it streamlines processes, minimizes errors, and boosts overall productivity. UnifyNow facilitates seamless deployment, enabling easy product counting, categorization, and adjustment.

Product Count

Computer vision enables visual search capabilities, allowing users to find products or parts based on images rather than text, enhancing the user experience in Manufacturing, Automotive, e-commerce and inventory management. With UnifyNow, you can swiftly create the model and set the workflow to detect and categorise parts, components and drawings

Visual Search and Matching

Elevate your inventory management with computer vision's automated counting precision. Streamlining processes from warehouses to retail, it minimizes errors, boosts efficiency, and enhances productivity. UnifyNow simplifies deployment, ensuring seamless inventory counting, categorization, and adjustments.

Inventory Count

Revolutionizing retail spaces, the implementation of computer vision for planography monitoring is key. UnifyNow empowers you to create your model, ensuring optimal product placement, detecting shelf gaps, and offering real-time insights for effective merchandising strategies. This enhances customer experiences and maximizes sales opportunities.

Planography Monitoring

Revolutionizing stock replenishment in retail, computer vision optimizes inventory levels. With UnifyNow, effortlessly create your model to streamline stock management, prevent shortages, and gain real-time insights for effective replenishment strategies. This not only ensures product availability but also offers strategic insights into product placements, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Stock Replenishment 

Experience the future of retail forecasting powered by computer vision precision. With UnifyNow, effortlessly craft your models, seamlessly manage inventory, predict customer demand, and gain real-time insights. Elevate operations and exceed customer expectations through strategic, data-driven approaches

Demand Forecasting

Embark on a retail transformation with computer vision leading the charge in managing damaged products. UnifyNow streamlines model creation, ensuring swift identification of damages, real-time insights, and operational finesse—all designed for an unparalleled customer satisfaction experience

Checking Damaged Product

Are you ready to leverage computer vision to enhance your business's operations?