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Asset Intelligence

Make your Processes Efficient and Compliant

Asset intelligence through computer vision provides visibility to track assets, assess their condition, enhances security by monitoring, and strategizes predictive maintenance. This extends the life of critical assets, facilitates early interventions to avoid costly breakdowns, ultimately retaining the value and longevity of assets.

Computer vision enables automatic identification and tracking of assets in real-time, streamlining inventory management and reducing the likelihood of errors. Visual data enables accurate mapping of asset locations, aiding in efficient retrieval and management within large facilities. UnifyNow offers to build asset model and detect the asset instantly.

Real-time Asset Location

Elevating security protocols, computer vision diligently monitors assets, promptly detecting any unauthorized access and issuing immediate alerts for suspicious activities. Within this framework, UnifyNow emerges as a robust platform, facilitating the seamless creation of sophisticated models and the vigilant monitoring of events. This dynamic integration ensures not only real-time awareness but also empowers proactive measures, enhancing the overall security posture with swift, informed responses.

Security Surveillance on Asset

Transforming maintenance practices, computer vision foresees issues through in-depth analysis of Asset conditions, enabling predictive maintenance. UnifyNow, an advanced platform, empowers the creation of sophisticated models and continuous real-time monitoring, facilitating proactive intervention for optimal Asset health and minimal downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Computer vision technology swiftly spots irregularities in machinery, optimizing diagnostics. UnifyNow, is a pioneering platform that simplifies the development of cutting-edge models and provides continuous real-time monitoring. This ensures rapid detection and effective resolution of faults, guaranteeing heightened operational reliability.

Fault Detection

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