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People Intelligence

Make your Workplace Safer and Secure

Computer vision replaces error-prone manual video analysis, offering real-time suggestions and decisions. Leverage computer vision for quick, intelligent analysis of people's activities at work and beyond, ensuring safety, security, and harmony in the workplace. 

Computer vision transforms crowd monitoring, analyzing visual data for efficient management. This innovation enhances public safety, enabling timely responses to dynamic situations in diverse settings such as events and public spaces. The UnifyNow platform's Digital Workplace solution aids organizers of large events, conferences, and corporations in establishing people safety and managing events with ease. 

Crowd Detection

The UnifyNow platform's Digital Workplace accurately counts people in real-time, providing a dependable solution for diverse applications like retail, transportation, and events. Through the use of computer vision, it enhances efficiency and optimizes resource allocation with precise people counting 

People Count 

Utilizing advanced algorithms built into UnifyNow, the Digital Workplace addresses person identification challenges by analysing distinctive facial features and body characteristics. This enhances accuracy and efficiency in various applications, including security and personalized services. 

Person Identification 

The UnifyNow platform generates specific personal demographic details, including age, gender, race, and other characteristics, offering precise outcomes through the analysis of facial features. This solution optimizes services, enhances user experiences, and contributes to data-driven decision-making in diverse applications like retail and security. 

Personal Demographics 

The Digital Workplace excels in people tracking, providing streamlined outcomes through the monitoring and analysis of movement patterns. This solution optimizes operational efficiency, enhances security, and enables data-driven insights across diverse contexts, from businesses and corporates to manufacturing establishments and public spaces 

People Tracking 

From idle time to productivity peaks, the Digital Workplace monitors workplace activities, optimizing efficiency. It tracks movements, identifies patterns, and provides insights for informed decisions. This technology ensures a dynamic, responsive work environment

Person Activity Monitoring

The Digital Workplace optimizes dwelling time analysis, efficiently tracking and interpreting the duration people spend in specific areas. This solution enhances spatial understanding, aids in resource allocation, and improves overall operational efficiency. 

Dwelling Time Analysis 

The Digital Workplace transforms elderly/patient monitoring by providing non-intrusive, real-time insights into activities and health indicators. This technology enhances care by enabling remote monitoring, early detection of anomalies, and timely intervention, fostering both independence and well-being.

Patient /Elderly Monitoring

The Digital Workplace innovates fall detection in various settings by analyzing motion patterns. This adaptable technology swiftly identifies falls, triggering immediate alerts for timely assistance, enhancing safety across diverse environments such as homes, public spaces, and workplaces. 

Fall Detection

Are you ready to leverage computer vision to enhance your business's operations?